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From July, 19th to August 1st 2014

Universitat de Lleida

Spanning the bridge between optimization theory and primary sector applications (mainly Agriculture and Food Industry, but also Fisheries, Forestry and Natural Resources in general) is one of the big challenges for the operations research community. Stochastic optimization and modern software implementations have become an indispensable resource in engineering sciences and economics. This high demand in interdisciplinary collaboration is, however, not adequately covered in most of the current curricula programs in applied mathematics, economics or (agronomic/industrial/forest) engineering.

Aim of this EURO Summer Institute is to bring together young scientists with academic experts on OR methods besides the development of innovative applications mainly for Agriculture and Agrifood Industry.

This ESI will combine tutorial lectures on stochastic programming, games theory, decision graphs, simulation, production planning and software presentations with student contributions and scientific discussions around agriculture and forest management applications. It offers a unique opportunity for young scientists to acquaint themselves with state of the art OR methods and applications in Agriculture and Agrifood Industry, to enter the scientific community, and to share their experience with young colleagues from all over Europe.

The final dates of the ESI 2014 are from July 19th to August 1st. The complete programme will be issued shortly.
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