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Dear member of the ORAFM working group

I hope you have had or are having good summer holidays. This post is just to inform you about different things that may be of your interest. The most important is the attached documet EUROmeeting.doc (edited by our colleague Daniels, many thanks to him) where main topics dealt in the meeting of the group in Prague are included. Read the rest of this entry »

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Call for Papers: Special Volume on ORAFM in AOR

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Many real-world decision-making situations arise from agriculture and from forest management. Models and decision support systems to be used in agriculture or forestry are often presented at OR international conferences and workshops. Even though most presentations contain a section called “Validation” or “Discussion” those issues are often treated rather superficially. In other words, many presentations describe carefully what the program or model does, but they only briefly stress why and how it does it. The purpose of this volume is to focus on the methods in the context of the problems they are intended to solve. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to submit a post to the ORAFM web-site using live writer

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If you have access rights to write posts to the site and you don’t like to write a post using your browser you can use a little program called live writer. Here you can write your post in a ‘Word like’ environment off-line and afterwards post it to the web-site.

To use it you must do the following:

  1. Install live writer and open the program.
  2. Add our web-site. You need the url: and your login details.
  3. Afterwards you just write the post and press publish when it is ready.
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How to subscribe/unsubscribe to email alerts

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As a member of ORAFM you can automatically receive email alerts when new posts are written on the our web-site.

  1. Login
  2. Goto the ‘Profile‘->’Subscriptions’ tab. Here you can subscribe/unsubscribe to email alerts.

Another way of receiving information about new posts on the web-site is to subscribe to the posts feed and comments feed.

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How to submit a post to the ORAFM web-site using a browser

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If you have access rights to write posts to the site then you can write a post to the ORAFM web-site by:

  1. Login
  2. Go to your admin page and press the ‘Write‘ tab.
  3. Write your post and assign it to a category.
  4. If the post is about an event you can put it into the calendar by scrolling down. Here you will see the ‘Event Editor’. You might need to click the little ‘+’ in its blue bar, to see the controls. To start with, you will only see the column headings (Start, End and All Day)
    and the ‘+’ - add event button. Click ‘+’ to add a new event. The event will start and end on the next full hour. To set the start and finish date, click on the ‘…’ buttons.
  5. Press the ‘Publish’ button. If you are not ready to publish the post yet, you can always save the post and edit is later using the ‘Manage‘ tab.

You can also use a ‘Word like’ program to write your posts.

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